Sunday, March 10, 2013

Skiing and Donuts

Skiing and Donuts are two of my favorite things. Combine those into one day and it's almost perfect.

Colorado has been getting some much needed snow lately so Brian and I decided to head up to Breckenridge Mountain for the day. Every time we have driven up to the mountain I've noticed a local donut shop called The Donut Mill but we had never stopped before. Today was that day.

 Brian ordered an apple filled donut and it's safe to say it was delicious!

 I ordered a maple bacon fritter...I think I'm in love!

After the donut shop we continued up to the mountain. I don't think the blue sky will ever get old.

The skiing was the best I have seen all season. It's seems like as soon as we moved to Colorado it stopped snowing and the Boston area (where we came from) has been getting hit with snow instead! Hopefully Mother Nature will drop some more snow on our area before winter is over.

 What did you do this weekend?

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