Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Race Recap: Hippity Hop 5K

On Saturday morning Brian and I ran the Hippity Hop 5k in Denver's Central Park. This was the first race we were doing together since last winter sometime? Brian left for a deployment last March and then I had my surgery in December so it had been quite a while since we were able to run a race together. And by together I mean doing one at the same time.

The only times we really run together are on long runs (half marathon or longer) any distance shorter than that Brian is typically faster than me.

It was the perfect day for a race, sunny and in the mid 60s. I underestimated how warm it was going to be a wore a long sleeve shirt, which I came to regret! Man it was hot! Next time I'm going to at least bring a tee shirt with me to change if it's warm.

The race was very well organized. There was plenty of parking and it even had really bathrooms not just porta-potties (always a nice surprise). After getting our bibs and tee shirts we had plenty of time to drop our stuff off in the car and warm/up stretch.

The beginning of the race was pretty narrow so it was difficult to break away from the crowd but by the first 1/2 mile there was plenty of space. The course was made up of 2 loops that covered paved side walks and some trial running. I liked the different parts of the course because it really broke the run up.

The finish line was visible from the course, which I also like. I like to know exactly how much farther I need to go! At the finish line there were plenty of bottles of water and post race snacks including breakfast burritos.

Although this was not my fastest 5k by any means I met my goal pace. I've only been running again for about a month and want to get back into running slowly so I don't get hurt.

Here's my official time:
Chip Time: 00:28:07
Gun Time: 00:28:16
Pace: 9:06 
Overall Place/Total: 47/200
Divplace/Divtotal: 4/16 00:28:07 (only the top 3 in each age group got a medal...so close)
I'm in the white shirt
I would definitely consider this race again next year and recommend it to any local runners. It was a nice flat course with easy parking. What more could you ask for?

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