Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Meal Plan 4/18-4/24

This is my last week before I start my new job. It's bitter sweet. On one hand, I'm really excited about my new job, it's all the best parts from my old job without the worst parts. But on the other, it's been really nice spending so much time with my Tiny Boy (who isn't so tiny anymore).

Change is always hard. At least there is always the constant of great food!

Here's my plan for this week:

Saturday: Roasted salmon, sweet potatoes and a veg

Sunday: Greek Meatloaves and salad

Monday: Grilled flank steak, veg and cheese scrolls (freezer)

Tuesday: Ricotta spinach pasta (Cooking light April 2012)

Wednesday: Pepperoni and veg pizza (using this dough)

Thursday: Hummus cheesesteak hoagies

Friday: Out

For the Freezer:
Slow cooker pork tenderloin x 2
Honey mustard chicken x 2
Chicken parm x 2

After we went shopping our plans changed a little and we ended up going out to eat Saturday night so the salmon got pushed to Sunday night and I'm saving the Greek meatloaves for another time. As much as I love to stay with our meal plan sometimes you need to be flexible and adapt to life.

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